Gingerbread, Pear & Lime Trifle!

This recipe is the cheats version, you could make your own gingerbread, biscuits and custard but we are going for an easy life!


I pack Jamaican Ginger Cake or Parkin

I pack lime jelly

1 tin pears in syrup

1 tin of custard

large tub of double cream

icing sugar

zest of 1 lime

crushed gingernut biscuits

Slice the ginger cake into chunky slices and layer the bottom of your trifle dish (or you can make individual portions in cocktail glasses or sundae dishes). Slice the canned pears and layer on top of the cake. Make up the jelly as per pack instructions and then pour over and leave to set in the fridge. Once set pour on the custard. To make the whipped cream pour into a bowl or mixer, add  icing sugar to taste (we added a big desert spoon) and the lime zest. Whisk until nice and thick and layer on top of the custard. Top with crushed ginger biscuits and voila!

We think this pud deserves a drum roll and applause upon entry to the dining room, pig out and enjoy!!!

Serves 8-10