Well... by now you all probably know just how much we love a good crafternoon and whether we master a new skill or tie ourselves up in yarn, we always have a great time trying something new. There is one thing, however, that we have been meaning to attempt for a very long time indeed... lino printing!

The results are stunning, it seems simple enough at the start and the supplies are cheap as chips, so we made the decision to have a go and started to marvel at wonderful linocuts like these as inspiration...

These incredible pieces have all been created by the fabulous Andrea Lauren and though, of course, we couldn't hope to ever be this incredibly talented, we are certainly using her as inspiration, especially as her subjects are so cute and akin to our taste here at Caboodle!

With a decision made to plump for a simple rabbit design, we sat down and began!

To start, we took a medium-sized piece of lino and a regular ballpoint pen. This would be how we would get our idea onto the print block. So far, so good!

Gathering some pace, we got our rabbit design finalised and onto the block without too many problems. We even felt super confident and added some little sparkles!

So far, so awesome! We are feeling great and really enjoying ourselves... could this FINALLY be the craft that we are naturally good at?

Ok, so we have the design and we have selected our fine point cutter to go round the outside of the bunny to start marking the areas to be raised and those which needed to be sliced away to make a nice clean print at the end. This is where it got tricky! The secret is to really take your time and be meticulous!

We realised that the stars were way too ambitious for our first attempt, so decided to cut them out but may have been a little too keen and accidentally cut into our finger! Please, please be careful if you intend to try this craft as the cutting blades are super sharp and though it looks small, this cut hurt A LOT!

Gore aside... look how marvellously the design is coming along! Slow and steady really was the key here, despite our subject! As we got into the groove (please excuse that AWFUL linocut pun), we found this to be super relaxing and watching the design start to pop and come alive felt really exiting. In fact, we got a little cutter-happy in our enjoyment and cut through to the hessian backing of the lino a couple of times. This won't affect our print, but almost made a super hole in our dotty rug!

TA DAH! It may not be the neatest attempt in the world and we may have shed blood for it, but we are so proud of the print block we have produced. Having cleared away all the debris and rolled some ink, we carefully gave our bunny a good and even smattering before producing these fab prints...

The top print is our first go, when we were being stingy with the ink and the bottom is our second, when we were a little more confident. Plenty more practice needed, but for our first try, we have to admit that we are really pleased with how this turned out! Hector (as we have decided to call him) will now forever grace our office inspiration board to serve as a permanent reminder that we can and should try new things, because you never know... you might love them!

We are now planning our next piece; something simple, but effective and it is really exciting us! It also takes the sting out of not quite being able to get the hang of crochet for Amy, despite numerous attempts!

Have a go and tag us in your attempts with #caboodlemagazine or #caboodlegirlgang. We'd love to see them, we really would and we may pop them on our Instagram page!

We bought our lino blocks, cutter and ink roller from www.artstore.co.uk but you can pick up all the supplies cheaply from lots of fab places online.