Mid-year resolutions!

As you might remember from our Christmas special last year, we aren't big fans of the 'new year, new you' phenomenon. To us, it's better to start a New Year as the same you that is open to some lifestyle changes later on down the line. Well... here we are mid-way through 2015 and we think it's time for a little TLC (Tender Loving Caboodle).

Before you panic and start thinking that we are going to launch a fitness dvd (heaven forbid!), we talking about something a little more holistic, alongside the heart-rate heightening, so take a look at some of our favourite feel-good items and come along with us as we journey through to Christmas, aiming to feel good.

Dragonfly Tea has long been one of our favourite brands and now that they have released this wonderful caffeine free blend with camomile, liquorice and fennel, we love them a little more. Soothing for the tummy and calming for the mind, this tea is perfect for letting go of the stresses of everyday life and helping your digestive system to deal with any naughty little treats you enjoy! Best of all, it tastes YUMMY, so it is our new favourite end of the day tipple. Thank you Dragonfly!

This confusing looking device is the TomTom Multisport Watch and one of Amy's most favourite things right now. Originally bought because the strap looks a little like polka dots (no, that is not a joke!), this wonder-watch is a one stop fitness motivation tool that is helping us make the most of our new-found determination to get a little healthier and stronger. We feel super fancy wearing it, massively tech for being able to use it (it's not difficult at all, but don't tell everyone that!) and a lot healthier now we know when we should be putting a little more effort into our Davina workouts! Never mind a summer body, we are all about feeling good for winter!

With our calming tea drunk and effective workouts done, what could be better than a relaxing face mask? We love making our own, with our fave being an avocado, honey and oats special, but when these green tea peel off masks are such a good price, it's hard to overlook them! We like popping one on, curling up on the sofa and watching a Game of Thrones episode. No shame in some gloriously guilty-pleasure TV and a little self-pampering! Don't forget to moisturise afterwards though or all your efforts will be wasted!

You've probably realised by now that even though we are serious about feeling good and being healthy, doing it while wearing super cute accessories is never a bad thing in Caboodle world, so these trainers are nothing short of dreamy! Ok, so we probably won't be rocking into a gym in them anytime soon, but a gentle jog on a summers day or walking to yoga will certainly see us wearing these. After all, what's so bad about wanting to look good if it helps you to feel good?

Don't forget... eat well, don't withhold treats from yourself and be happy. Everything else is just the rainbow sprinkles on the top of an already wonderful life sundae.